The Winning Guide

Serious about adopting the 2/1 system or serious about playing the 2/1 system better? Then these playbooks are for you! Val presents a comprehensive guide that offers everything you need to play this system successfully.

If you are just starting 2/1 for the first time, go through each playbook in order and learn with your partner at the same pace.

If you already play 2/1, pick and choose which playbook you would like to review. Be challenged by some new bidding treatments and many play techniques that will improve your declarer play.

Confirm partnership agreements and add several tools to enhance your system.

Each topic includes:

♣ Subject material
♣ A quiz
♣ Practice hands

The focus is always on the bidding. However, when you find yourself playing in the correct contract, you are tested by good defenders making it difficult for you to be successful. Just remember -- Val is there for you behind the scenes helping you to find the right play.

When you’re finished with your seven basic playbooks, practice what you have learned about the “Two over One” system with 32 additional hands! When you have mastered your basics, pick what tools you want to add.