Who is Val Covalciuc:

She is an Emerald Life Master who has won a North American Championship, as well as mulitple regional and sectional events. Val was a contributor to the ACBL Bridge Bulletin for several years. She was one of the ACBL’s teacher trainers, holding seminars all over North America to prepare players to teach bridge. A bridge teacher for more than 40 years, Val has conducted workshops, bridge camps and is responsible for the educational program at her bridge club in Florida.

What others have said about Val:

"Thank you for a terrific weekend at bridge school. It's always a pleasure to be in your classes. You excel at preparation, presentation, staying on subject, keeping the momentum going and sustaining the interest of all levels of bridge players. Quite a feat! I enjoyed every minute." - Marilyn

"Your lessons were very helpful. Very clear and focused." - Colette

"We both enjoyed the bridge school and your teaching style from content, clarity, keeping the crowd under control. It exceeds any others we have had." - Karen & Norm

Sample What's Inside

Study Material

A. The bidding goes:

South West North East
1 Pass 1 Pass
1 Pass ?? Pass

What do you bid holding:
K98      AJ987      43      AJ4


1) Minor suit openings - part 1, question 4
2) Forcing NT - part 2, question 9

Play bonus hands:

1) Mysterious bid
2) Not quite a game force
3) Maybe there is more
4) Slow arrival

When playing the sample hands you will see bids that are highlighted in yellow. These are alert bids and you will need to click on them for an explanation. Comments about non-alertable bids made by you or your partner will appear on the screen in orange.